Little Welsh Farm Co. The beginning..

August 12, 2020

Little Welsh Farm Co. The beginning..

Hi and welcome to Little Welsh Farm Co.
As you have already found the site and are taking the time to read this can I first of all say thank you. Starting a new business is hard work and when it is something completely different from your normal day to day skill set it can be fairly daunting. I feel like I have been back to school, spending hours researching and doodling whilst staring at a screen trying to choose things like bottles and packaging. Who knew that were so many options and things to think about!  
So, why little Welsh Farm and why now? Three years ago we bought what I hope will be our forever home, a beautiful old farm house nestled under a distinctive local hill with a couple of acres. The name came from an Instagram account I set up to help me track the progress of our renovations as I am doing most of it myself and to follow other like minded accounts for inspiration. The name Little Welsh Farm was born and with that a new life. Three years later I am on the final leg of renovations and slowly starting to enjoy a new life of growing fruit and vegetables, planting a small orchard, introducing bees onto our land and much more. 

Then out of the blue Covid 19 paused my photography and electrical businesses over night. What followed was a couple of months at home working hard on the property and plenty of time to think. Fortunately work is now recovering, but a little idea that came to me during lockdown kept coming back to me and Little Welsh Farm co. was born. 

For some time I have enjoyed buying local, high quality hand made products.There is something satisfying about purchasing small batch products and then finding out they are made here in Wales or within the UK. After some research and chatting with makers and creators I realised there is an increasing amount of people that want to produce and purchase items that are made ethically and sustainably. Not only that, it seems many of us are now understanding how important it is to support local business and local economies.

Like myself many of us are thinking of alternative ways to create an income and ways to spend more time at home and generally take control of our lives rather than our lives controlling us. Many of the creators and small businesses I speak to are walking the same path, not only do they want to follow a passion of theirs they want to be in control of their working life. When people are passionate about what they do, amazing things happen and quality usually follows. Here at Little Welsh farm Co. I want to be a focal point for these amazing people and help promote their great products and highlight that we have so much right here on our beautiful island. 

So once again, thank you! Please enjoy the site and products and be sure to sign up to the newsletter or pop back from time to time to see who else has joined the Little Welsh Farm Co community.